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I'm Florian, a 19y/o computer science student from Austria 🇦🇹

I deeply care about security and scalability of modern software solutions. In projects, I primarily design architectures and code backend services in Go. A few selected projects are shared as Open Source software on Github.

Career interests.

I would like to work on projects that intersect with some of my interests:

Startups & Entrepreneurship

Data Privacy


Distributed Systems

Business Law


I think you'll get a better impression if you look at my projects. You can do so by scrolling this site further, visit my Open-Source-Projects on Github, or read my CV.


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Vikebot is a platform where programmers compete against each other using their algorithmic skills. They program their own player, a bot, which plays autonomously against the other bots in a 60 minute game. According to the results of these games Vikebot ranks every participant in a global ranking system, which is available for recruiting teams to find the perfect candidate.

As the Co-Founder and project lead, I designed the system architecture, defined the proprietary protocols, and implemented big parts of the initial backend.

In 2018 we open sourced most of the code and started rewriting it to improve code quality and performance (currently our game-server supports about ~10K players in a single round at the same time)

Diploma Thesis

Title: Building a secure and scalable cryptocurrency exchange

Authors: Lukas Kurz and myself

Abstract: Implemented with a reasonable mix of proven software components and cloud-native products, this project shows a prototype implementation with a solid security and scalability foundation that can be used by future digital exchange projects of all kinds. It is compatible with the largest decentralized digital asset network, Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard. The primary intention and objective of this thesis is to build a prototype implementation which focuses on the fundamental issues of security and scalability.

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I write at medium.com/@harwoeck

...about my opinion, security, Go, system architectures and new open source projects


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Untrusted code execution as a service

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The simplest artifact repository manager out there. Really.

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Stateless static asset versioning for very aggresive cache settings

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Changing the way you think about i18n

My first ever Open Source project. Introduced me to web development and (ugly) javascript. I didn't know typescript back than ...


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Family. Friends. Party.

My friends and I spend a lot of time together - whether at house parties, festivals or just when we go to our regulars' table 🍻. They are my second family ❤️

Visit www.badminton-wels.at

Badminton Player and Coach ❤️

I've been playing badminton since I was a little child. After playing actively in national tournaments for several years, I decided to end my serious sport career and started as coach for the kids and the youth team of our local badminton club. Lot of fun and responsibility

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Ski 🎿

Like many other Austrian children, I started skiing with my parents as a small 3y/o child. Until today skiing in the mountains is one of my favorite leisure activities. In addition, Austria has probably the most beautiful ski resorts in existence 🗻


Maybe you have seen me at the following events

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Meetups in Linz

IaaM, Gopher-, Digital Future-, Blockchain-, Growth-Hacking- Meetups; Afterwork-Beers; etc.

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I'm almost always here. Probably the biggest monthly tech-meetup in Austria

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Regularly here for workshops and connecting with the startup ecosystem.

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WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018

Biggest developer congress in Europe.

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Startup Summer-Party

Organzied by FemaleFounders. At Pratersaune, Vienna.

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Probably the coolest startup festival. Takes place at Hofburg Vienna.

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Young Entrepreneurs Conference 2019

A networking event for ambitious Austrian youths with a startup pichting challenge.

I presented or pitched at these events

Visit startuplive.org

StartupLive Linz #3

Three day startup boost camp

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Gophers Linz Meetup #1

Did a talk about: "Secure Account Management Services in Go"

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Hello everybody, since you have come this far, you know a lot about me. It would only be fair to connect, so that I can also learn something about you. Just click on my email address above and write me a short message. I'm always curious to learn, or meet open-minded people.

Florian Harwoeck

Wels, Austria

You can use my PGP key to encrypt our communication: 6FCD0A3CF8E05A086893D71E9859FB609FFDA8AD

If you prefer a modern alternative to PGP, you can write me on Threema. My Threema-ID is: 2T8UA49X.