Competitive coding and gaming combined like never before

What is Vikebot?

Vikebot is a platform where you compete against others using your coding skills. You program your own player, a bot, which plays autonomously against other bots in a deathmatch. According to the results of these games we place you in a global ranking system.




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How to?

Just download the SDK for your favorite language and start. It's pretty easy

What makes Vikebot special?





Because there aren’t any conventional control features or real time live view of the game, the competitor is forced to get the needed information over a provided API. Because a human would be too slow to send all requests manual, evaluate the results and concurrently react properly, the competitor must automate the complete system programmatically. The as known “Bot”. That implies that the player’s strength isn’t defined directly through the human itself (e.g. reaction time, talent, …), rather than the competitors time spent on the algorithm.

About our team

Our team started as a two man crew in early 2016 to architect and develop first parts of vikebot. Late 2017 also Andreas and Richard joined our team. Together we are getting everything ready for our upcoming release.

Florian Harwöck

Lukas Kurz

Andreas Leeb

Richard Stock

Talk with us

You can contact us on a lot of different social media platforms or via email

Project State

We currently perform closed beta-tests for selected users. Regardless of the release you can register now and get informed automatically as soon as we go online. Happy coding!